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Google is thinking about changing its Image search algorithm. Currently it has a convoluted way to return results. As you probably already know, its a basic “text” search which looks at the file name, “alt” comments and words around the image to declare an image a valid candidate to a search. Meaning that if you Read More →

beach and water

My youngest son, who is nine years old, and so much wiser then I am, saw me writing my blog one day. When I responded to his questions about what I was doing typing on my laptop, (after all, computers are made to play games, aren’t they?), he looked at me puzzled. He said ” Read More →

paris under occupation

What is revolting about this image ? what makes people so upset ? what about this one ? Those the image above makes you feel like screaming foul ? Do you want to pick up your phone and tell the exhibitor to pull them down, immediately. I fear not. besides being not very good, these Read More →

Picapp interface

Image details: Pope Benedict XVI Celebrates Mass At Yankee Stadium served by It is a blessing these days to see a company that grows by listening to its criticism. Ad supported licensing company Picapp has recently revamped its site and has made some good improvements.  First and foremost, you can decide if you want Read More →

I would like to take a break and ask those of you who have, or will, threatened me with a lawsuit to please stop. In slightly more than a year since I have started writing this blog about the photo industry solely for my pleasure, I am now to the third lawsuit threat. It is Read More →

I did not pick this image. I actually have no idea what it will be before I publish this entry. Why ? because it is a sort of semi “intelligent” algorithm in the background that will do it for me. A bit like Google ads scans a whole web page for keywords and post the Read More →

 Ever since I wrote the piece “orphan work is good for you”, I have been slammed with emails which all pretty much revolved around the same issue : Orphan work bill is a open door for Copyright Infringement and the legalization of free usage. First and foremost, I keep on refering my readers to a Read More →


A few good things are happening in the Photo agency world, at least in the USA. First and foremost, it is the recent launch of ElevationPhotos. Created by Mick Magsino , ex Corbis, ex ImageDirect, Ex Getty, this new celebrity photo agency based in Los Angeles works exclusively on assignment. Instead of adding more red Read More →

When you grow up, like me, with a dad who is director of Magnum, these guys become family. Because that’s what magnum is. It’s not a co-op, a photo agency, a club, but rather, a big dysfunctional family of extremely talented men and women. Burt Glinn was the crazy funny uncle. He had an exquisite Read More →

 Paris, France. Spring of 1871.  After a four month siege of Paris by the Prussian army in a war started by Napoleon III, the French Government decides to surrender. In a decaying world where aristocracy is loosing its powers on the emerging working class,they also decide to let the German army parade in Paris. To Read More →