It is such an interesting time to be around the business of photography. A once very established , entrenched community of image sellers ruled the landscape of the licensing world by applying rules and regulations on term and pricing. They were doing so in their egg shell and tottally oblivious to the rest of the Read More →

And the  EMMY Award for DOCUMENTARY/NONFICTION PROGRAMMING FOR BROADBAND goes to : — ““Kingsley’s Crossing,” Olivier Jobard, photographer/videographer; Brian Storm , Eric Maierson, producers. Congratulations to Brian Storm and his team  for this prestigious and certainly deserved award. If you have not seen the fantastic multimedia produced by Mediastorm, please go now before they Read More →

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I am not a big fan of Picscout  myself. Don’t take me wrong. The technology behind it and having a way to monitor usage of your image is great. It’s the business model that makes me very uncomfortable. When you sign up with them, they will monitor your images for you, suing on your behalf Read More →

First, there is Alan Meckler, master communicator, who jumped on the bandwagon and declared high and loud, if Getty’s celebrity division is falling apart, he will take it over and succeed. Unfortunately for Mr Meckler, not only the editorial space, but within it, the celebrity market, is something you just don’t jump in as easily Read More →

Getty has no cracked eggs

Jeff Kravitz (no, that is NOT him on the picture above), President and Founder of Filmmagic, bought by Getty Images in the $200 million Mediavast deal, has officially resigned. Citing impossible working conditions within the Mega image distributor, antiquated distribution system, one of the most succesful, and influential, red carpet photographer is slamming the door Read More →

“BrightQube is not only providing creative professionals with innovative technology, we are providing access to a collection of over two million images including leading brands of royalty-free and a selection of high quality, lower priced microstock imagery for everyday.” With two ex VP’s of DigitalRailroad under its hood, and an undisclosed series A funding, BrightQube Read More →

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In France, and maybe in other European countries, there is a new marketing initiative, that mostly seem to affect food and other imported goods, called “equitable commerce”. Having been “Green” and “Eco friendly” for a long time, probably before Al Gore was born, the French companies, most certainly as a reaction to the Big Bad Read More →

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For all of us who have been questioned while talking pictures, as seen on the PhotoAttorney blog: purchase your own here 

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Getty and $49: How many association of photographers does it take to bring down Getty? Apparently 6 is not enough. After sending an e-mail to Jonathan Klein, they are answered by a posting from Nick Evans Lombs. Personally, I would have been insulted. But that is just me, I guess. The giant was grateful enough Read More →

Getty images is not a newcomer in trading prices versus quantity. Quite the opposite. When a company wants to gain market share in an industry already heavily populated with suppliers, it reduces its cost of doing business to a minimum and slashes prices to force the competition into bankruptcy. Economy of scale, it is called. Read More →