“March 28, 2007 · A panel of judges from a federal appeals court in Denver (10th Cir.) affirmed summary judgment last week in favor of a Harper’s Magazine journalist who photographed the open casket of an Oklahoma National Guard member killed in Iraq.” The journalist in question here is no other than fame photographer Pete Read More →

Nina Berman, of World Press Award fame with her magnificent portrait of a severely burned Iraqi war veteran on his wedding day, has posted a multimedia on MSNBC.com. Not only does it gives more depth and information about the two protagonists, it is also a beautiful mix of images and voice over. Like Todd Heisler’s Read More →

Cradle of photography, France has been going through a lot of painful changes in the last 5 years.  Recent news, according to photo website photographie.com, seem to confirm this trend: Hachette Filipacchi photo group, formally GHFP, has been renamed EYEDEA. Quite certainly a play on words between EYE and IDEA, Eyedea boast a brand new Read More →

a bird and a flag

Stock photography has nothing to do with creativity. It is not an art. It does not try to explain the meaning of Life. It tries to communicate. It uses a language, the visual language, to transmit a message. The true and successful stock photographer is, first and foremost, a sociologist. He tries to understand the Read More →


I took this image the other day. Coming out of my gym, I saw this sticker on a light pole and right behind, badly parked, this “Public Safety” minivan and thought the contrast of the two would be interesting. Not a great picture, I agree, as I was shooting with a pocket camera, the Nikon Read More →


~ A great idea is emerging from Europe and hopefully will cross the transatlantic pond. Instead of fighting the “orphan work” legislation, why don’t we try to work with it. One has to admit that it can be extremely hard to find the owner of an art work. Bad or no usage of metadata has Read More →

My friends at American Photo posted a great entry about the Fashion Industry Photo awards..OOOPs, the ICP awards. One has to wonder, who nominated Karl Lagerfield and GAP? GAP can’t even find a CEO. In a time where photojournalism has great talents while suffering from an onslaught of wire service one shot photos, one would Read More →

I wrote an entry about a very badly done automated face correction (not for sensitive eyes) app earlier today. I just discovered this one, thanks to The Globe and Mail, actually done by a real plastic surgeon this time and with a lot of promise: Modiface. Okay, it is not serious, but it is fun.


There has been numerous articles about  orphan work  and the legislation that might be passed. One of the key issue here, is that images posted on websites have absolutely no metadata, making it impossible for even a legitimate buyer to track down the creator of the image. IPTC has been around for a very, very Read More →

velo france

I fell on this blog the other day. It attempts to register every single website that has anything to do with 2.0 and photography. It is amazing to see how many useless applications are out there, mixed with potentially good idea.  Most are Flickr’s wannabees, some seem to have moderately good business models, others make Read More →