Now that they got rid of those yucky Sygma slides, the team that brought you the “non for profit photo agency” is blogging like crazy. First CEO, President, Chairman of the board and super guru of CORBIS, Steve Davis, talks about his travels and his thoughts about, what else ?, traveling. As insightful and innovative as the company itself, Creativity 2.0 blog is a leapfrog in visual equity thinking.
It also provides a bulletin board for employees of said corporation to rub the boss in the right direction, post comments about the chief’s amazing insight and pat his brain while thinking about their next promotion. Want to see who is the biggest KA of Corbis, visit the comment section. Same employees even go out and blog about the amaaaazing team they work with and what paradise it is to work for said company.

Finally, if you really want to know what goes on behind those big Corbis walls, read David Anderson mesmerizing detailed description of how they spend hours posting different color stickers on the walls. Ironically, it is called Agile Management.
There is so much love and greatness in this company, I think I am feeling a little bit dizzy.

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