It is interesting to see how the web is allowing for organic communities to form independently.

Take Gaia photo, a website created  by documentary photographers to post their stories. Part multi-author blog, part photo gallery, it allows for photographers to publish their work, with comments, for everyone to see.

It bypasses established and traditional media by reaching directly to the public. It is not afraid to show the world as it is because it doesn’t have to deal with the auto censure the majority or our magazines or website display. Since it seems to be supported mostly by Google ads, it does not have to worry about advertisers worried about the content.

It’s raw, it’s pure , and it is sincere. There is a mix of well known and lesser well known photographers currently contributing and I am sure more will join. The stories are unequal. Some very good, some not. Not very important since they seem to have created an outlet for their work to be seen, beyond the doors of the gatekeepers. Two regrets : No multimedia ( it might be in their plans) and no happy, positive stories.

Too often, documentary photography is associated with death, famine, war and overall misery. It makes it very hard for people to follow. Their are great inspiring stories too that should be shown. There are beautiful things happening in this world and that would also be nice to show. maybe that is also in their project.

Anyway, take a look and support them. They deserve it. (Click on the image below)

Gaia photo

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