Fed up of the pseudo intellectualism of most photojournalism awards ? Then go see the winners of the WHNPA “Eyes of History 2010”. Those Guys/Gals are stuck, most of the time, with a very restrictive subject ( aka, POTUS) and yet perform some of the highest form of photography. Furthermore, when you unleash them into a different subject, they eat them up with a passion rarely seen, putting at work what they have taught themselves so well in the confinement of the White House.

A lot of great photography, mostly unseen, from some of the lesser known, and yet probably more talented photojournalists in the world.

WHNPA home page

 A lot of NPR photographers here ( NPR is the US’s public radio, funded by tax and people’s money). A good example that “public” journalism can be of extremely high quality. If you see only one winning gallery, I urge you to see David Gilkey’s Portfolio ( winner of third place in Portfolio). It’s very Don McCullin with a refreshing twist.

Finally, the World Press Awards should take many lessons: The winners slide shows are big and very visible,  yes, they have a multimedia category and the result, although about politics, are not so politically charged.

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