Amusing story from the BBC today about when Microstock goes terribly wrong. Two competing political parties in Northern Ireland used the same model for two opposing ideas. As if the world was too small to find two people with diverse opinions.

To top it all, both parties breached Istockphoto, and most microstock and royalty free usage agreement , who specify that pictures cannot be used in a way that “depicts personal endorsement by model”.


Those are the risks with any royalty free image. Up to now the same image, or same model has been used on numerous website, but never, it seems, for two competing political parties. Doesn’t get any better than that, does it?

The unseen irony here is that this happened in Northern Ireland where CEPIC will hold it’s annual “merchants at the temple” meeting.

More on the BBC website.

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2 Thoughts on “iblunder

  1. Paul, no desire to dip my toe into the ever-complicated issues of Irish politics but Cepic is holding its conference in Dublin, a place which not even the most rabid Unionist would consider to be in Northern Ireland.

    Still, it’s a fantastic story. Perhaps the most remarkable aspect is evidence that the Conservative Party has a sense of humour.

  2. “Actually…On Second Thoughts”

    implies that second user PURPOSELY selected same model to get one over on first user. Look for first user to “change the mind” of same model once again…?

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