Now, this is an interesting twist : This Belgium photo studio will shoot your products for free if you, in exchange, let them sell those products once the shoot is  finished. Thus, they make money not on the photo shoot but on the product they sell afterwards.

Here is how it works :

You are a company needing some pro images for your catalog. You contact them, they create the images, for free, deliver them to you and off you go .

They keep the products they used for the shoot, as well as copies of the images they created and post all that on their online store. With the money they collected, they cover the cost of the shoot, and more. Because they  pay very little for the products,  they can offer them at huge discount. Also, because they have a very limited inventory, they are not really a competition to their clients.

It’s a great idea on paper. Question is : How do they get themselves known as retailer? How do people know they have products to sell. Also, what happens if its products are not aimed at the consumer market, like factory pieces or pharmaceutical equipment.

Here is a short video  :

And here is their site :

It’s a gutsy idea which we would love to see more of.

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