A group of us were invited to discuss the alternate source of imagery as well as the future of stock photography on a panel organized by the American Society of Picture Professionals this past Monday. I have skipped the product presentation that you can see here, if you would like, to go directly to discussion that immediately followed.
Besides myself, you can hear :
Evan Nisselson, CEO Digital Railroad
Brad Kuhns, Co-founder IPN Stock
Allen Murabayashi, CEO Photoshelter
Randy Taylor, CEO StockMedia Corp

Thanks to the ever friendly team from Photoshelter for filming this and making it available to all of us.

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One Thought on “An interesting evening

  1. jeffgreenberg on October 20, 2007 at 10:28 am said:

    Your presentation, on both videos, seemed to be cut off shortly after your introduction…?

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