You walk in a supermarket, pick up a bag of potatoes and head for the cash register. At this point, the employee ask you how  you intend to use the potatoes. Depending on your answer, he will charge you more or less. He also asks what is your overall budget, how many people you intend to have at your dinner party and consequently charges you more. A week goes by and you still have potatoes left you would like to use for another dinner party ( you are very social, after all). You then have to call the supermarket and ask for another permission. Again, you have to explain how you intend to use those potatoes and depending on your answer, you will be quoted  a price. If you are lucky, they might  even give you a break because you already used the potatoes. O, but wait, at the last-minute, you decide that instead of french fries, you want to mash them. Another call to the supermarket, which is closed because it’s after hours, and you are left not being able to eat them.

That’s RM pricing.

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