One of the hardest and most lucrative task in photography, is editing. It is hard because it is not a science with clear established rules. Trends, fashion, moods, seasons, local culture, a lot can interfere in the process of finding the best image. It is lucrative, not because it’s a profession that pays well (some, Read More →

If you think it’s just one among the numerous search engines that landscape the Internet and help you search for what you’re looking for, well, you couldn’t be more wrong – Google, to put it mildly, is a search engine giant. And going a little overboard, you could say that it sets the standard for Read More →

Gamma, recently renamed Eyedea by its new owners, Green recovery, is closing forever. The official date will be the 28 of July, 2009. This is a very sad day for photography worldwide. The “corpocrates” have won. They have succeeded in destroying one of the most beautiful photo agency in the world. Hopefully we will see Read More →

When an  amateur astrologist discovers an impact on the planet Jupiter, no one screams the end of professional astrologists, so why is it that when an amateur gets an image that pros did not get, it is the end of professional photojournalism ? The Universe is huge and not even the sum of all professionally Read More →

When photographers go out of business, there is no announcement on PDN. After flickering a while, they just vanish off the photo firmament, like an unknown star in the huge emptiness of the photo universe. Most will pick up another job, to be never heard about ever again. Only the biggest of the biggest stars Read More →

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Sometimes it is not a good thing to be too busy. Somehow I missed this, when no one should. The PX3 winners have been announced and I didn’t know. Well, better late then never. For those who do not know, the PX3 awards are considered the most prestigious and important awards in photography, in Europe. Read More →

There is a lot of talk these days that photography has become a commodity. According to Wikipedia, “A commodity is something for which there is demand, but which is supplied without qualitative differentiation across a market. It is a product that is the same no matter who produces it, such as petroleum, notebook paper, or Read More →

This is a different kind of multimedia. No, not the guy on the radio talking, but what he is talking about. A photographer and a graphic novel artist got together to create a book that mixes photographs and graphics. The graphic story is about the photographer and the photographs are taken by the photographer so Read More →

Who needs microstock anymore ? Thanks to a new plug in for Microsoft office, it has become child play to easily rip an image found with Google Image and include it into a presentation or word document. There are absolutely no copyright warning and nothing to advise the user that they might be breaking the Read More →

There should be a special site for photography’s worst offenders. Somewhere for everyone to be aware of those who steal images, those who infringe copyright on a regular basis, those who do not pay, and anyone that has their hearts set to painfully hurt our beloved profession. Like a giant wall of shame. The photography Read More →