Like most of you, I assume, I watch the video of Gary Shenk , CEO of Corbis, at the Reuters Media Conference. Like most of you , I read comments about it almost everywhere, as it is one of the rare exquisite time when the privately-own company makes public comment on itself. Here is what Read More →


Just a quick snapshot of the evolution of traffic on the big three ( Corbis, Getty and Jupiter ) + Istockphoto. For those who were wondering where their traffic was going, here is a good indication. Since Alexa rankings can be a little tricky since they rely only on people who have downloaded the Alexa Read More →

Corbis screenshot

I now have the proof that photo agencies are their own worst enemies. A very succesful consumer magazine has send a blast email to its photo providers to announce a reduction in its licensing fees. In Touch magazine, a Bauer publishing-owned celebrity magazine , who has a paid circulation of between 750,000 to over 1 Read More →

There are some that still combat royalty free in what seems to be an unfounded hope that it will disappear. Others that turn a blind eye towards microstock and its user generated content. If I can’t see it, it doesn’t exist. Then, there are those who strongly believe that this whole technology thing is just Read More →

The watchdogs of the Photo Industry are turning against themselves in an effort to cash in a few extra pennies. What happens, when someone who owns a photo agency claims it is okay to steal copyrighted material. Mr Pino Granata explains, in a long post, on a website thrives on photo business news, that it Read More →

What fundamentally matters in photography, is the image, and not who took it. The end users, that is, the guy in the street, doesn’t care if an image has been taken by someone famous or not. He reacts to the image itself. Photographers spend a lot of time trying to brand themselves with postcards, websites, Read More →


    In what has become a holiday tradition, and right before bonus time, Corbis has laid off another round of staffers. After all, it is not the fault of management that they are not profitable, it was those 285 slackers that they finally found sleeping at their desks. 160 where found just before the summer Read More →


It seems that image tracking company Picscout is seriously advancing on a new way to generate revenue from blogs with the imminent launch of Picapp, currently in Beta testing. The principle is simple. You get a free image to post on your website as long as you accept advertising on it . A bit like Read More →

We all know that black and white, Holga / Lensbaby enhanced (?) with a touch of personal sensibility photo “journalism” is a dying breed (thank G~d !) and that it has created in its wake a lamenting song of despair : Photojournalism is dying. Well yes, bad photojournalism, the one that desperately tries to mix Read More →

We talk about photography yet we don’t show much. Here is an incredible selection of images of the California fires taken by the staff of the Los Angeles Times: Los Angeles Times Photo Gallery The image of the house burning behind the Halloween garden decoration is purely amazing. While I am it, you should also Read More →