It seems that image tracking company Picscout is seriously advancing on a new way to generate revenue from blogs with the imminent launch of Picapp, currently in Beta testing.

The principle is simple. You get a free image to post on your website as long as you accept advertising on it . A bit like a similar product we reported about earlier.

They are currently testing their product with images from Getty. Their search site is linked to the site that has been up for a while. It is not a long strecth of imagination to wonder if this would part of the launch of Getty’s very public consumer site and a way to generate income. Free photos paid by advertising. Take that Microstock !!!

One of the immediate question is whether Picscout/Getty will allow commercial/editorial websites to use it, thus forgoing any licensing fees in exchange for advertising fees. This model could easily be offered to Flickr and other file sharing websites. The world of online licensing is just about to become very interesting. Picapp

You cannot see some example of Picapp here: and here because they took them down, probably because of this entry. Or you can read a fascinating follow up by the Stock Asylum .

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