It has been very hot here, in New York city, these last few days. It is not just the heat that is unbearable, but mostly the vapor humidity that turns you into a wet sponge the minute you step outside. Fortunately, a line of angry powerful thunderstorms broke the hellish spell, lifting the heavy lid Read More →

While most of the photo community seems to have been trapped in the launch of Corbis ‘ microstock extension like a deer into headlights ( did anyone asked them how much it cost to launch? another $500 million ?), while others find it funny and amusing when people explicitly steal images for monetary gain ( Read More →


One would think that after so many years, as big and talented as a company like Getty has become, they could out pace, outsmart and out perform anyone on the market today. But not quite so. look at the celebrity space, for example. First they bought Online USA, than ImageDirect, then Wireimage. Why is that Read More →

Photo editors are angry. They are angry and frustrated. I have seen and talked to a lot of photo editors these past weeks and I hear the same thing over and over again. The digital evolution has not made their lives easier. They are tired of these little shop websites that are quirky and impossible Read More →

Selling images was all about negotiating. And it is still very much so in the editorial world. Being at the right place, at the right time beats all other aspects, be it composition, lighting, framing and talent. In the celebrity space, for example, those images of celebrities in the street that you see everywhere and Read More →

A fascinating blog entry about face recognition and face detection by Sebastian Marcel on Google Blogoscoped. For those, obsessed like me by the future of image classification, key wording, intelligent search and automated work flow, this is a must read. You can even try out the algorithm and result on a free, yet very beta, Read More →

Stock photography is like fishing. No, not like fly fishing or any other individual recreation, more like un-romantic industrial fishing. Since this industry puts the offer before the demand, it somewhat uses the  same strategy as fishermen. You throw your bait in a region where you think a lot of fish will be attracted to Read More →

The Cepic congress is a fascinating experience. Attended by hundreds of photo agencies who came from almost all over the world, it is certainly the best place to evaluate the size, and the health of the market. Bluntly contradicting the nay sayers who continue to claim that stock photography, be it RM or RF, is Read More →

Cultural differences between countries are not just limited to the content of the image. Sure, in commercial stock, an image buyer from a certain country will look for people of the same race/origin as the country the image will be published in. We just do not look like each other and our looks do not Read More →

According to aboutheimage, Shutterstock is flying, eyes closed, into the editorial space. Sometimes, these microstock seem so eager to innovate that they will throw themselves into anything the competition has not done yet. Except that all new idea is  not always a good idea. A few simple lessons in editorial photography : – It is Read More →