outsidemywindow.jpgI came upon a cool new website today and starting playing with it. The result, if you click on “run this pipe”, is all images in Flickr that corresponds to a news item on Google News.

It is very interesting and when I have more time, I will attempt to create more pipes of this sort. You can customized the source of the news, and I believe, the source of images. I just didn’t have much time to play with it today. I haven’t figured out yet how to keep the headlines next to the images, but then again, I did this in 10 minutes.
The point of this exercise is to show that one could easily create an automated online news magazine, just using Flickr as an image source. Since it is an aggregator, and I am not a commercial user, I am assuming I am not breaking any copyright law.

Play with it and let me know.

Google News run through Flickr

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