Just caught an interesting initiative, half way between desperation and a great idea. A group of former LA Times photographers recently laid off from the newspaper have grouped together to form The prophotographynetwork

pro photo network

?We will shoot anything, anywhere, for anyone,? seems to be their key phrase, along with “the best of the best photographers for every event” . The group has an impressive pedigree with some Pulitzer prize winners in their mix.  While they do not advertise any pricing and the visible portfolios on their site is very weak, it is certainly an initiative to keep watching. Maybe it will grow into a nationwide, or even international, association of ex-newspaper photographers who will pool their resources. They seem to be closely associated to the Journalism Shop , a similar initiative for text journalist.

It remains to be seen if there is market for such an offer and if any of these two will be able to survive in these incertain times. However, it is certainly a great promotional idea for those in these groups and a very good way to attract attention.

We wish them luck and success.

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