According to the New York Post, Time, Inc. is refusing to pay the additional 7 cents per publication asked by one of their distributor as of Feb 1.  With its circulation already diminishing on most of its title, this might result in a titanic battle of wills between the two companies. Obviously the distribution company does not want to lose the business of the biggest publishing company in America as well as magazine outlets, like Wal Mart surely do not want to loose the revenue. It is yet to be seen how other smaller publishing company will react, as they do not have the financial backbone Time, Inc has.

Obviously, this has huge impact on editorial photography.

More details here

On a completely unrelated note ( OK, not so much), New York Magazine  has just come out in this weeks edition with a multi-page photo essay spread with just images and small captions on the last representation of a Broadway play. Its reminiscent of the Country Doctor by Eugene Smith in Life magazine. No wonder it is the only magazine I subscribe to. Their usage of photography is not only genius, it is heartwarming.  Although there is a Web version, you should walk run to your newsstand and buy it.

New York Magazine

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