The Internet and technology has made it possible to find new ways to generate income from photography. Yet no one in the photo industry has really capitalized on it. Because of the success of photo community sites, a lot of heads are now thinking about how to capitalize on all this content.
Many times I have mention the rise of the “intelligent” image : images that contain much more than the just the metadata and that can generate its own income. Up comes Web 2.0 company Britepic. The idea is quite simple : make your image a little more interactive and sell some ad space on it. The more popular an image, the more clicks, the more views , the more money. This makes a lot of sense. Pricing of images on the internet, up to now, has been a poor copy of print publishing licensing
Length and size make up for the basis of the licensing equation. And that was and is a mistake. The pricing of an image on the web should be linked to traffic, thus increasing as traffic increases. After all, an image can be solely responsible for a huge spikes in visitors.Britepic allows you to give your images for free and yet still make money. Using the the force of viral multiplication, your photograph can now be used on various websites, including the MySpace of this world and generate income while you are sleeping. By embedding the image with all the tools to be shared, it is now possible to freely let your images roam the internet world in search of income.The huge drawback of this system his its complete lack of copyright protection. Currently, I could take an image of Henri Cartier Bresson, slap an ad on it and enjoy the revenue.

There is a spark of genius in Britepic and definitively something to pay very close attention to. It might just contain the seeds of a highly popular new licensing model that could change, yet again, how we make our living.

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