Tired of hearing how photojournalism is dead ? Tired of going to photo festival where everyone whines and dines ? Not sure if crowdfunding is for you ? well, a new photography festival has been created for you.

Brainchild of ex director of photography for Paris Match, Didier Rapaud, the Festival of Saint Brieuc ( that’s in Brittany, France) is offering the first photo festival where any worldwide photographer can submit their project and receive substantial funding. You have until November 21 to submit your project ( there are no set topics) and the winners will be announced on December 2011. Next year, on October 2012 , the works of the winners will be shown to the public in various locations around the region.

Besides being a breeze of fresh air in the dusty photo festival , this festival also brings originality as it brings funding from local companies. For the first time, photo journalists are introduced to companies that are interested in funding original work. In a time of global recession,when magazines worldwide are cutting back on their assignments, it is surprising, and very much welcomed, to see private companies willing and eager to support the work of photographers.

So, without any further delay, head on to their site here and submit your project. You might just get that $25,000 you needed.

Photoreporter, Festival of photojournalism in Baie Saint-Brieuc

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