Because photography is not about photography anymore. It has escaped the confines of the traditional walled garden of the pros and the established. It is no longer about a few dictating to the masses what it is, what it should do, how it looks and how much it should cost. It has exploded, it has been turned upside down and more than anything, it has vastly expanded.

Not that pro photography is gone or even dying. Rather, talking about photography is no longer about lenses, cameras, masters, exhibitions, books and license fees. Rather, it is about apps, prosumers, filters, start ups, ipos, social media,UGC, engagements, analytics,energy transfers and discovery. That is why I have decided to create PHOTO/TECH. In it, I will continue to write about my passion, the intersection of photography and technology. I will expand on everything photography as it is being re formulated by a whole new generation of entrepreneurs and users that no longer see it as product or service, but rather as a foundation, an engine, a language. They come with no formal education on the history of the medium – nor do they care- . They are the ones creating what photography is and will become. Wether its from a lab at MIT or a garage in San Francisco, a cafe in Berlin or a business suite in London, they are building the new photography landscape I will report on.

Photo/Tech has three sections, one for quick news, one for deeper comments and analysis and finally, one for quick facts and figures. It is made to be read everyday or once a week. For now, I am the only writer but as it grows, I will be welcoming insights from industry specialists.

Thoughts of the Bohemian will continue to exist but only to report and comment on the traditional business of photography. It will continue to shed light on the absurdities of our profession as well as celebrate the brilliant ideas. It will also continue to explore what makes photography so great.

Hope you enjoy the new site.

Paul Melcher

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