There is no ultimate photograph: A photograph that would end all photography. There are images that dance on the edge of perfection, those that push boundaries, but none that end photography. Not even the sheer volume of photographs taken daily can remotely come close. No photograph, or no amount of photographs, will ever satisfy our need of to see or create images. That is because photography generates  a  constant state of want. A great photograph will only make us to want to see, or create, more.

You will never hear a photographer say, that’s it, I  have shot all that I could.  I am putting down my gear and moving on. You will never hear a viewer say, that’s it, I have seen all the great photographs of the world. No need to look some more. Never

There is only one place to move on from photography and that is more photography. It is the same when we view great images. We are never done.  We want to see some more. Photography creates its own demand: photography. It creates it own un-satisfaction, like an insatiable hunger. This constant state of want is what makes photography so popular.

Photo by valerio▲

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