LEADING MUSIC AND ENTERTAINMENT PHOTOGRAPHER, FRANK MICELOTTA, LAUNCHES PICTUREGROUP AND ANNOUNCES  DISTRIBUTION DEAL WITH THE ASSOCIATED PRESS MTV, BET, Comedy Central, FOX, MySpace, Columbia Records, Jive Label Group and EMI Sign On as Charter Clients of Digital Media Production Company PictureGroup Offers Leading Entertainment Brands Complete Photo Solutions Including Production, Distribution, Licensing, Archiving, Integrated Content Read More →

When an  amateur astrologist discovers an impact on the planet Jupiter, no one screams the end of professional astrologists, so why is it that when an amateur gets an image that pros did not get, it is the end of professional photojournalism ? The Universe is huge and not even the sum of all professionally Read More →

“ITN’s shareholders have reportedly held detailed discussions to sell a majority stake in the News at Ten and Channel 4 News producer to Getty Images, the international picture agency. Getty Images, founded by Mark Getty, grandson of J Paul Getty, and the former banker Jonathan Klein in 1995, “is an enthusiastic bidder for a majority Read More →

Like a tree that falls in the forest and no one is present to hear it fall. Did it make any noise ? The war in Sri Lanka, is it even happening ? War photographer Don McCullin reflects in the Times ( UK) how the war in Sri Lanka has become another example of how Read More →

 “We’re never going to get into the business of the long lens, hiding in the bushes, hunting people down. Our business is based around relationships with celebrities and publicists and publications. The way we shoot is we’re invited. Paparazzi business is getting more play, but that’s also a very cyclical business.” Mark Kuschner, Getty’s global Read More →

I know it has been said here that the World Press Awards 2009 was a nice selection, albeit maybe too much linked to the most important events of the year. Who is to say that a lesser known event might have had stronger images ? Regardless, ever since the results, new information has been brought Read More →

No blurry Black and whites, No pictures taken with an Holga, No post dramatic moody images. The WPP 2009 is a real crop of hard core photojournalism. Indeed, there is a lot of squared shape color-enhanced images but, for some reason, they are not bothersome. Its pure professionalism here, far, far away from the  citizen Read More →

AFP, AP and Reuters said no. Getty Images just went for it. As a new President enters the White House, a new photo policy seem to emerge. After the really bad images of him backstage watching the results of election night posted on Flickr, Obama, or his administration, has broken tradition by making the first Read More →

While two of the United States magazine distributors are raising their rates in the worst economic period possible, adding a potential $1 billion in cost to an already battered publishing industry, it has become clearer that the photo industry needs to brake out of  its traditional chains. According to the New York Post, two companies Read More →

it’s a master/slave relationship, isn’t it ? Wire photographers only get published because their masters have clients. And wires, although they would never admit it, have clients because of the photographers/slaves. One would be nothing with the other . Take a wire service photography left in the wild and he could never find a client, Read More →