Seems that Google is pushing through some image search innovation lately. First, it was the color search, released a few weeks back. Thanks to a little color palette next to the search tool, you can specify which dominant color you would like to see in your search result. Not groundbreaking technology. Companies like Idee, Inc Read More →

While the world of photography was busy trying to figure out how to squeeze one more dollar out of every image, pointing the fingers at potential scammers, or listing, day after, the name and addresses of every single newspaper closing its door, the hallways of the supreme court justice in Manhattan echoed of the fainted Read More →

While others duck and hope this whole mess will magically pass them by without too much damage, the Time Inc group of magazine is all about experimenting new business model. They recently announced a new project, on trial for a few issue, that will let users ( readers) customize their magazine. The idea is quite Read More →

The companies that will survive have their eyes set to where they will be in 5 years. Those who are playing the day to day game, hoping to surf the waves to the shore of victory will eventually find out there is no success waiting for them behind the next wave. Boat architects of the Read More →

It has been a while… It’s been a long while since I had seen a photographer caress light with such exquisite love and passion, capturing not its essence, but its mere delicate reflection on other objects. It has been a long while since I had seen photography describe, with such passion,  the never-ending game between Read More →

No Time magazine. No People, Sports Illustrated, In-touch, Life & Style, Star Magazine or  National Enquirer among many others. The battle between Time Inc., Bauer Publications, American Media VS Anderson News and Source Interlink Cos has started. The 7 cents surchage per issue requested by the distributors has deprived the clients of about 4,000 Wal Read More →

According to the New York Post, Time, Inc. is refusing to pay the additional 7 cents per publication asked by one of their distributor as of Feb 1.  With its circulation already diminishing on most of its title, this might result in a titanic battle of wills between the two companies. Obviously the distribution company Read More →

I like the new year. For one good reason. Everyone does a round up of all the best images of the year in a beautiful slideshow. So, like every year, I wandered through the internet, looking at different version of the year in pictures. This is where I went: AOL MSNBC The Big Picture The Read More →

I was working on the US presidential elections and something came to my attention that is worth mentioning here. When everything was still slides and film, your cut-off time for stopping shooting was whenever the labs would accept the last bath or whenever the last flight was departing to where your agency was, or both. Read More →

– Misconception No1: Photojournalism is not being killed by celebrity photographers. In fact, photographers who cover the celebrity scene, wether red carpet or streets scenes have the same ratio of good to bad photographers than in news. It takes some of the same skills to cover news and celebrity. Regardless. Time or Newsweek have not Read More →