Google just released a white paper on image pattern recognition, yesterday, in Miami. Not really a new concept and already developped by a few companies, like Imense, in the UK, this however is a sign that Google is going beyond text tagging to retrieve images. In brief, this technology uses the “knowledge” of Picasa, Google Read More →

Here are a few of the most revolting persistent aspect of the photo Industry: – Blogs that get people fired – Blogs or magazines written by people that have never ever worked in the Photo Industry yet consider themselves experts on all it’s aspects. – Photo agencies that do not pay their photographers. – Photo Read More →

“ASP is a membership association of more than 350,000 U.S. photographers, Photo agents, and Photo agency of every kind of photography. Through agreements with affiliated international societies, ASP also represents hundreds of thousands of photo creators worldwide. ASP is the only U.S.  rights organization created and controlled by photographers, Photo agents and Photo agency, with Read More →

Who owns the news ? The ongoing debate between news outlets ( AP, NYTimes..) and mash ups ( Google news..)  has made this question surface. Is the first one reporting the news the owner of that news ? That used to be the accepted tradition. Now with Twitter, Facebook, im , sms, blogs and Attention Read More →

There used to be something called “digital rights”. That is, when a publication wanted the right to publish a copy of an image to use in a digital format, it would pay an additional license fee. At first, like the internet itself or CD ROM (remember those ?) circulation, it was small. But everyone was Read More →

Seems that Google is pushing through some image search innovation lately. First, it was the color search, released a few weeks back. Thanks to a little color palette next to the search tool, you can specify which dominant color you would like to see in your search result. Not groundbreaking technology. Companies like Idee, Inc Read More →

“But one of the — Google — I mean, the harsh way of just defining it, Google devalues everything it touches. Google is great for Google, but it’s terrible for content providers, because it divides that content quantitatively rather than qualitatively. And if you are going to get people to pay for content, you have Read More →

While two of the United States magazine distributors are raising their rates in the worst economic period possible, adding a potential $1 billion in cost to an already battered publishing industry, it has become clearer that the photo industry needs to brake out of  its traditional chains. According to the New York Post, two companies Read More →

Part of the reason text journalism is failing is mostly due to the laziness of its reporters. It seems that if something was not presented to them via a press release or already published elsewhere, they will not write about it. There is almost no investigation left and everything is just reprint and Copy/Paste. With Read More →

It’s all in the way you search. Stock photo agencies, now having reached a point where they are all pretty much offering the same content for the same prices, are desperately trying to make themselves relevant with different search engines. After all, Google’s success is made on search and not content, so why not stock Read More →