A thousand words ? Make that 10 million US dollars. Apparently, there is lots of money to be made in the photo industry. Chief CEO founder and master of all photos in the world Jonathan Klein has just bought, for himself and his wife, a  10 rooms, full floor residence at 760 Park Avenue, in the heart of New York city. That sounds like Seattle might not be the center of the Getty universe anymore.

New York magazine describes the living space as  : “A private elevator landing leads to an expansive center gallery. The open floor plan allows guests to flow between the library, oversized living room, and dining room while enjoying eastern light from forty feet of frontage on Park Avenue making it a perfect layout for entertaining. Three well proportioned bedrooms are accessed via a private hallway off the entrance gallery. Originally two bedrooms, the expanded master bedroom with wood burning fireplace and his and her dressing rooms and baths, sits on the corner of 72nd and Park Avenue. A recently renovated eat-in-kitchen with den and maid’s room complete this gracious layout.”

You can see pictures of the inside of the apartment here( probably not for long) as well as read about his neighbors here.

If you are a Getty photographer, you can now be proud to know that every time you get a sales statement with a few dollars on it, you have happily contributed to helping your boss finally find a cozy little “Pied a terre”. If you are not, then now you know where the money for day rates and licensing fees have gone to.

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3 Thoughts on “A picture’s worth

  1. 3 beliefs:

    1. banks & Getty independently caused collapse of stock pricing

    2. Getty keeps stock pricing suppressed while many other markets are now bouncing back

    3. a partial collapse of Getty would invigorate stock pricing

  2. ellisphotos on March 16, 2010 at 12:06 pm said:

    Last I looked no one forced photographers to work with Getty. If photographers were so smart then why didn’t they create a business like Getty Images? I don’t see photographers buying $10m dollar homes.

  3. <p>Richard,<br />
    calm down..no one means any harm to your hero. No photographer as ever come up with a business like Getty, not because they are not ‘smart enough’_ like you wrote, but because it is not beneficial to photographers. It’s apparently very beneficial for Mr. Klein.<br />
    finally, you are correct. No one is forced to work for Getty images.<br />
    Paul M</p>

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