Manifesto for a Photographer revolution

In the late 19 th century and into the 20 th century, workers from all over the world, forced by a changing economy, started flocking into cities, accepting horrible working condition, in order to survive. Some where highly qualified in their trade but nevertheless, besides making the company they worked for extremely successful, never achieve a decent living. At the turn of the 21 th century into today, pro photographers are experiencing the same evolution. They are forced to accept ridiculously wages, exploitative commission structure and sometimes horrific working hours in order to survive. Time has come to shout out their displeasure and scream out loud what they believe are fair and human demands.

This is a manifesto for the photographer’s revolution:

Photographers worldwide need and demand:

The right to photograph what they want where, where they want, when they want
The right to work for whatever company they so desire without the risk of loosing their jobs elsewhere.
The right to be compensated fairly and appropriately for their work
The right to be able to live comfortably with their trade
The right to distribute their work where and how they want
The right to profit equally from the companies they help make successful.
The right to accessible trade tools
The right to raise a family comfortably
The right be recognized and accepted asĀ  highly skilled trade workers
The right to have their work protected and enforced by powerful copyright laws.
The right to pass on the ownership of their copyright to their children and not corporation
The right to have every single of their images published properly credited with their names.
The right for a fair commission structure should they decide to remain free lancer and keep their independence
The right to travel wherever they need to be in order to execute their trade
The right to be adequately protected if and when their life or health is endangered
The right to have their work published wherever they feel is adequate.

We suggest the creation of the Photographer’s International, a global community of highly skilled professional that would band together in unity and passion. The International would be responsible to bring to light the poor working condition and lobby international organization until the demands are met.
Photographer’s of the world, UNITE !!

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