A couple of events rattled the world of photography recently, with no particular effect. Unaccustomed to be put into question, photographs of news event have continue to pour into our field of vision, with little regards for what just had happened. Here’s the narrative: A little while ago, a bunch of very aggressive US Navy Read More →

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Is it the end of microstock and royalty free ? No, not because of decline in usage but rather as a result of powerful litigation. A french organization certainly thinks so. The Union des Photographes Professionels , UPP (Union of professional photographers) just recently held a round table 0n the damages of royalty free, it’s Read More →

While the French are busy protesting about how many years it will take them to retire, the French Parliament is about to also pass a law governing orphan work. Up to now, a publication could just slap the credit “DR” ( Droits Reserves: Right reserved)  under an image and ignore any licensing fees. This worked Read More →

Is Pixpalace involved in price fixing ? On a recent email send out by the company last week, Pixpalace, an online aggregation of photo agencies content similar to Newscom, asked it’s suppliers to agree on prices so it would be easier for publishers to purchase images. The intent is noble, the result is horrific. Pixpalace Read More →

So, the French minister of Culture ( at least they have one) descends to the Arles photo festival like a conqueror and announces, probably very proud of himself, that he and his photo committee he created a while back,  will create a photo portal. A French one, in three languages ( French , English and Read More →

Details are still sketchy as the official announcement will be made at 5 PM ( UK time) but according to sources, the London staff has just be informed of the purchase. They might be waiting to inform the Berliner staff, located in Los Angeles, bought by Rex Features a few years back. This acquisition makes Read More →

So you would think that with all the problems that online publications are causing to the print magazine industry, they would fight back in some manner. The print paper world would be all gang ho in trying to secure its predominance as the primary source of news and information so that the crowds would rush Read More →

Today should be a day to rejoice, worldwide. People all over the world close their doors, and eyes, from the surrounding world and regroup in their family cocoon to enjoy a few hours of peace and serenity. Outside, the battles still rages creating more casualties. French newspaper le Monde just announced that collective photo agency, Read More →

3 days of sounds and fury, signifying nothing. To paraphrase Shakespeare, this represent Perpignan Visa pour L’image this year. Only a quarter of the crowd of the previous year, less then half the booth of agencies, a paparazzi agency replacing Grazia Neri’s legendary location and a couple of citizen journalist agency present. As nightly projection Read More →

Gamma, recently renamed Eyedea by its new owners, Green recovery, is closing forever. The official date will be the 28 of July, 2009. This is a very sad day for photography worldwide. The “corpocrates” have won. They have succeeded in destroying one of the most beautiful photo agency in the world. Hopefully we will see Read More →