Just like the music industry, with which it shares many similarities, the photo licensing world is ripe to be iTuned. The industry landscape is dispersed and confused. None of the photo licensing companies know what to do. From the Getty images to the small mom and pops that have been around for 5,000 years ( Read More →

Google mag

More annoying things: – Did you know that Google Books include magazines. Yes, the search giant you like so dearly is currently also scanning  magazines which you  can now read, for free, online. Those include your images. No compensations, not even a simple note asking for your authorization. Did you know that when you licensed Read More →

ansel adams

While we see a proliferation of photography in our everyday lives, much more than we have historically have ever been subjected to, we also see it diminishing in size. Before the 90’s and the advent of the web browser, our only interaction with still images was mostly in print magazines or huge billboards, along with Read More →

google advanced image search

Part of the reason text journalism is failing is mostly due to the laziness of its reporters. It seems that if something was not presented to them via a press release or already published elsewhere, they will not write about it. There is almost no investigation left and everything is just reprint and Copy/Paste. With Read More →

A photo agency does 90 % of a photo editor’s work. Yet, there is always been a love hate relationship between the two. why is that ? Let’s step back for a minute, would you ? The fundamental role of a photo agency is to already have images that a photo editor needs. Whether it Read More →

WPN special election page

Beyond the flashy fancy mini sites that Corbis and Getty Images have throwned to press release hungry industry newsletter and blog sites, I did a little search of my own. If you click on any or all of these icons below, you will probably find some of the most amazing and less seen USA Election Read More →

Bhutto ass by John Moore

There are many ways to kill. Many different ways that we manage to find somewhere in ourselves to destroy the things we love the most. The violent murder of Benazir Bhutto earlier this week is a prime example. During a period during when most of us enjoy the comfort of our simple lives, the world Read More →