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Part of the reason text journalism is failing is mostly due to the laziness of its reporters. It seems that if something was not presented to them via a press release or already published elsewhere, they will not write about it. There is almost no investigation left and everything is just reprint and Copy/Paste. With Read More →

it’s not photography that is important, its the message that it conveys. What photojournalism is all about, is messaging. It brings to our attention something that is happening elsewhere, beyond the scope of our own eyes and individuality. It permits viewers to travel through space and time without ever leaving their individual lives. Slowly the Read More →

The world economy, as we all see, is not doing well. Between massive layoffs and the beginning of a deflation trend in the USA, signs are all pointing towards catastrophic changes ahead. what does it mean for the photo industry ? Let take a look and make some predictions. The first place photo agencies and Read More →


It’s all in the way you search. Stock photo agencies, now having reached a point where they are all pretty much offering the same content for the same prices, are desperately trying to make themselves relevant with different search engines. After all, Google’s success is made on search and not content, so why not stock Read More →

¬†According to AFP, french photographer Alain Ernoult has been awarded 1 million euros in a case involving Getty Images. The photographer, famous for his areal images, was a contributor to The Image Bank. He had signed an exclusive agreement with the company, covering the years 1991 to 1995.¬† In 2001, he brought the company to Read More →

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There are newspaper websites, where a second staff of editors recapture what is in the print edition and put it on line, for free. Not really cost effective and a sure wait to shoot yourself in the foot. The recent massive layouts and bankruptcy filing are good indication that this hasn’t been a good idea. Read More →