There is no doubt about it. Photography is a people industry. Photographers take pictures of events because they want other people to see what they see. They edit their images with only one intend, to share them with others. Same goes for photo agencies. They have great pictures that they want to see published. And Read More →

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This is a world dominated by wire service, subscription and no photo editors. Welcome to the Future. These are a few of the US newspapers covers the day the market crashed. All AP images.  Great reporting guys !!! No wonder they are going down the drain.. from this great blog Inovation in newspapers

A recent press release just popped up that had me twisting. It is about blog provider PicApp and aggregator Newscom. The deal they announced is quite simple. Newscom will provide content to Picapp to license with their website tool. Simple. Yet the whole thing doesn’t make sense. Neither company own the photograph they license. They Read More →

It not really a novel idea. Ap, Reuters and AFP have done it for years. The idea is quite simple. On one side, a big company with a lot of staff photographer producing lots of images, on the other, newspapers, gobbling images by the pound on a daily business. It is not really photography that Read More →

No black and whites, no blurry Holga cameras, no artifacts. Journalism the way it should be. The Rocky Mountain News and its incredible array of talented photographers paired with Brian Storm’s incredible team delivers a very powerful vision of what the DNC meant for Denver, and maybe the rest of the world. Probably the best Read More →