more cows for susan

” Remember that your aim is to achieve the highest dollar gross contribution margin, not make the highest volume sales. You would get 100% of the market if you gave the stuff away.” – Phillipe_M from WebmasterWorld The economics of the photo industry are shifting rapidly and might seem, to some, out of control. But Read More →

Bush wants $50 billion more for Iraq _ I Guess he did not see Mediastorm new multimedia. Could someone please send it to him ? A good mutltimedia with a couple of weak points: too much video and too little on the children. Avatar and company : I am sorry but I cannot help Read More →

A shy empire

The Internet and technology has made it possible to find new ways to generate income from photography. Yet no one in the photo industry has really capitalized on it. Because of the success of photo community sites, a lot of heads are now thinking about how to capitalize on all this content. Many times I Read More →

I don’t understand. I really do not understand the relation some people make between file sharing photo sites, like Fotolog or Photobucket and the professional photo industry. I do not even understand how professionals from the photo industry can declare that anyone can take a great picture. A great photo of a cow is worth Read More →


There are many things we seem to forget while we all go about our daily business of licensing images. Some are good, some are bad, some are in between. In order to clear up the horizon, I made a little list. The Good ( or positive) : – Microstock : Introduced millions to licensing images. Read More →

let’s be honest for a while. What we sell is Time. If we consider the passing of time as a continuous flow, than a photograph is nothing more than a very thin slice extracted and displayed outside of its natural place. A bit like a very thin glass of water taken from a stream. It Read More →

Too much about nothing. Tired of microstock, of Getty’s quarterly report, of the nay sayers and doomsday scenario ? Tired of pictures of cows in a field or girls wearing a black suit smiling while wearing a headset? Well head on the the land of great photography as it is grown daily by the likes Read More →

The year is 2050. The city, Metropolis. Image usage is gone. Everything is video at microstock prices supplied by wealthy conglomerates of videographers . In order to have more power over the owners of the portals and reduce their production costs, “microvidegraphers” have regrouped into syndicates. They own studios, model agencies and are starting to Read More →

A recent article offers a glimpse of what might be lurking in the future for a lot of editorial agencies in the US. According to this post, “At issue was whether Corbis, the online stock photography company, violated the late singer James Brown’s right of publicity by offering to license the copyright in photos of Read More →

One big difference between Editorial and Commercial photography, is that in the Editorial world you have to go find the images. and then you have to go out and sell it. In the case of the terrorist attack on the Scottish airport, for example, agencies were on the phones locating anyone that was there and Read More →