So the big buzz these days is all about social media. It started roughly with MySpace , followed by Flickr and now it’s all about  Twitter and Facebook.  A bit like the “Long Tail” theory has been improperly swallowed by a  lot of photography professionals, social media is all but properly understood. It used to Read More →

Daryl Lang is a lucky guy. He gets invited to Corbis’s secret meeting on rooftops. And not me. I wonder why ? Corbis executive team, apparently out for a week-end stroll, decided to inform some lost contributors that, in effort to make the company profitable, after only  15 years of trying, they would cut photographers Read More →


After spending a day at Photoplus today, one aspect became really obvious. There were more internet businesses for amateurs and semi pros then I have ever seen. The web 2.0 bubble has definitely reached the traditional photo industry and one can see numerous web based solution for everything photographic. It was interesting to see, besides Read More →