Historically, ( we are talking pre internet here) the only two places one could find images was either at a photo agency or via a photographer. You could, of course, always check if your neighbor had any photographs you could use but chances that there would a match was very, very slim. During that time, Read More →

The new crop of world press winners is out and as in every year many reflections come to mind. Reminiscent of Eugene Smith’s Tomoko Uemura in Her Bath , the winning image, from Spanish photographer Samuel Aranda lacks all the required W’s that makes a great news photograph. By looking at it, you have no Read More →

Would a publication like LIFE be successful today ? The editors at LIFE decided to put photography first and text second in order To explain world around us via photography.  LIFE’s magazine decision to give prominence to photography worked in a world were photographs, at least compared to today, were scarce. Worldwide events were seldom Read More →