As the business world seems to be moving more and more towards subscription/ sharing model, why doesn’t the photogrpahy world ? Already very much applied by photo agencies that offer monthly/ yearly packages that provide, for a flat fee a limited amount of images, independent photographers could jump on the bandwagon too. Here is how Read More →

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No slightly blurry, underexposed images. No, “look at me, I took these pictures with a broken down Holga standing on one foot” pictures. No, “I am so much more important than the story I am photographing” reportage. No, “look at my Lego skills dude”. Nope. 100 % pure photojournalism. This year World Press Awards are Read More →

One of the interesting aspects of the launch of The Daily this week, for those of us who are in the business of licensing images, is how to price those images. Traditionally, an image license takes in consideration the circulation of the publication. And with  print, it is no problem. A publisher will decide how Read More →

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Sometimes, away from the screams of the mainstream media’s ADD ( Attention Deficit Disorder) , you fall on some incredibly powerful story. This is one of them. Beautifully photographed and edited by photographer Piotr Malecki.  ‘Nough said.  Take a look :

I was going to write a post on how selfish people in this profession had become. How, or so it seems, that there is no such thing as a photo community or a photography brotherhood but rather masses and masses of individuals looking after their own personal lives with stubborn fierceness and dedication. The biggest Read More →