It is not what you photograph that matters anymore, it is how you photograph it. It used to be that cameras, processing,  access and mostly distribution was the privilege of a few, all nicely rewarded by a comfortable income. This closed “Boy’s Club” had many high level entry barriers . Not so much. Cameras have Read More →

Getty Images’s decision to close it’s wholly-owned production division is a clear signal to the commercial stock industry that the market has shifted forever. If producing  images that correspond to a market demand without having to pay any commissions and licensing them via the biggest distribution channel worldwide is not profitable anymore, than nothing is. Read More →

Commercial stock photography has been walking on its head. Since its beginning, it has approached its own business space with an upside down approach. Let me explain : At the beginning, Photographers would shoot images that ended up on  online storage system with the hope that one day there will be a demand for these Read More →

We hadn’t heard from the PLUS coalition for a while. This loose organization of visual professional who has been tediously trying to create a standard for licensing has suddenly burst out of its silence with two important announcements: 1) The ASMP has dug into its $1,3 Million  fund it had received last year ( we Read More →

Living Galapagos

If you have a few precious minute to throw away today , you HAVE to visit A school project from the University of North Carolina, it is an amazing multimedia reminiscent of MediaStorm’s Kingsley’s Crossing by Olivier Jobard. It is refreshing to see young photojournalist taking the current tools of reporting and putting all Read More →


While everyone is searching for what commercial stock might become in the future, the Chinese might have one solution and it is quite revolutionary. Researchers from TNList, Department of Computer Science and Technology, Tsinghua University along with a Singapore based researcher, have put together Photosketcher, previously called Sketch2Photo. The principle is quite simple : you Read More →

So, as it reaches $200 million dollars a year in revenue, Istockphoto is pushing the production of stock photography to its rim. The traditionally strong categories for stock imagery, like Lifestyle, Health, Parenthood, Teens, Green, Business are all being more than very well covered by the astute production of 100,000’s very smart microstock producers. For Read More →

20 minutes to better understand what my earlier post was about. Chimamanda Adichietalks about literature but photography is as much a guilty member of this . We should no longer be the instruments of intellectual colonization. Next time you embark on a photo shoot, think of where your story will fit in the perception of Read More →

Magnum In Motion

I was unaware of  Trent Parke until a friend pointed it out today. Maybe, and most probably, I had seen some of his images somewhere and had failed to register his credit. It happens. Magnum in Motion, one of the best achievement of the Magnum photo agency, has just published “Minutes to Midnight”, a long Read More →