google pattern

Google just released a white paper on image pattern recognition, yesterday, in Miami. Not really a new concept and already developped by a few companies, like Imense, in the UK, this however is a sign that Google is going beyond text tagging to retrieve images. In brief, this technology uses the “knowledge” of Picasa, Google Read More →

map of the internet

I was looking at this video of Clay Shirky presentation to TED TV today. It’s a little long ( 17 minutes) but very informative. especially the middle part. What made me thinking is  how he portrays the development of media. If you do not have the time to look at the video, here is part Read More →

It is interesting to see that as the technology has made easier and faster to transmit images, we are seeing less of photojournalism on main events. 30 years ago, it would have been unimaginable that such events like the Gaza/Israeli war, the Sri Lanka war or the Iranian protest would not be photographed. Now it Read More →

Cepic dresden arthubg

Your stock photography at work : For those who have never been, this is a CEPIC congress. Rows and rows of tables and chairs. Every hour, on the hour, people move from one table to the other, looking at another computer screen while listening to a used pitch. Really, it is a bunch of suplliers Read More →

There is only one certitude in the photography business : If you don’t spend money, you will not make money. Everything else is educated guess that some confuse with a lottery game. As much as we never know for sure if an image will sell, and how many times, as well as for how much, Read More →

It seems that these days, it is getting more important to be published than getting the appropriate compensation.  More and more we hear about obscene prices being applied to licensing rights. Fueled by the idea that photography is a commodity and thus should be priced accordingly, photo agencies worldwide are accepting rates that would make Read More →

well, not really…but amusing. Instead of waiting for someone, somewhere, to figure out how to price newspapers online,  The Newport Daily News ( In Rhode Island, USA)  just nailed it. Newport Daily News: Charging for news online from Nieman Journalism Lab on Vimeo. More info at the Nieman Lab