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There is confusion in the heartland of photography…and a lot of budgeting. Today, after a few months of waiting, the legendary LIFE magazine relaunched as a website. Great idea !!. I , personally, could not wait. How great was my deception. Besides the great images of the past, all new images are just Getty and Read More →


When most companies announces layoff, downsizing, bankruptcies, others announce new beginning : CELEBRITY PHOTOGRAPHER FRANK MICELOTTA FORMS NEW PHOTOGRAPHY AGENCY NAMED PICTUREGROUP Los Angeles, CA – Trusted entertainment photographer Frank Micelotta has announced that he will launch a new digital photography production company called PictureGroup. Micelotta, a 25-year photography veteran, has been the photographer of Read More →


Lots of people have asked what to do in a down economy ? Some answer with what not to do, like slashing prices, but no one really offers a solution. Yet, answers are everywhere. I know of at least 2 photographers that had a hard time selling their images who created a  multi-million market for Read More →

A bunch of photography associations recently banded together and issued a joint statement.  Called “Save photography !”, it is looking to garner enough signatures from photo professionals to make an impact. The country is France and the associations are Freelens (a photojournalist association), the UPC ( Union des Photographes Createurs) and the Saif ( An Read More →

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While others duck and hope this whole mess will magically pass them by without too much damage, the Time Inc group of magazine is all about experimenting new business model. They recently announced a new project, on trial for a few issue, that will let users ( readers) customize their magazine. The idea is quite Read More →

In an email send globally, Jonathan Klein finally announces the layoffs: It starts : “ I am writing to you today with some unpleasant news. We have tried very hard to avoid lay offs during the continued turmoil in the world’s economy. However, it is now clear that we have no alternative. We must take Read More →

Grazia Neri article

 If you do not live in Italy, you might have not seen this. In an interview given to the Sunday magazine of Corriere della Sera, an Article on legendary photo woman and person extraordinaire, Grazia Neri : As you can see, its starts with a reference to this blog. In a nutshell, it reads, “although Read More →

The companies that will survive have their eyes set to where they will be in 5 years. Those who are playing the day to day game, hoping to surf the waves to the shore of victory will eventually find out there is no success waiting for them behind the next wave. Boat architects of the Read More →

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 “We’re never going to get into the business of the long lens, hiding in the bushes, hunting people down. Our business is based around relationships with celebrities and publicists and publications. The way we shoot is we’re invited. Paparazzi business is getting more play, but that’s also a very cyclical business.” Mark Kuschner, Getty’s global Read More →