It’s been a long week, or rather couple of weeks, for the photo industry. Between the various shows in New York city, Paca, picturehouse, Photoplus, panels and parties, anyone that has remotely anything to do with photography was in New York for one or all of these. But its been an even longer week with Read More →

Daryl Lang is a lucky guy. He gets invited to Corbis’s secret meeting on rooftops. And not me. I wonder why ? Corbis executive team, apparently out for a week-end stroll, decided to inform some lost contributors that, in effort to make the company profitable, after only  15 years of trying, they would cut photographers Read More →

At the eve of the PACA meeting, where small business owners of the RM and RF photo industry meet twice a year o complain about the state of the industry, Jupiter media just announced that it was dropping the ball and selling all to almighty Getty. Not a fire sale but very close. Jupiter Media Read More →

It is not really the photo industry that is in danger of extinction, but rather a weird and strange animal that appeared about 50 to 60 years ago out of pure greed. Let me explain:  When photography became a job, the first photographers were troopers who would get up in the morning with the firm Read More →

In a world gone crazy, crazy things happen. In an effort to streamline their cost, previously Holland-based stock photo agency The  Cover Story is moving their offices to….Bangalore, India. Among the many reasons that TCS offers for moving half way across the world, the company sites the ability to ” ..communicating effectively with the market Read More →

One idea, three companies. On the trail of the aggressive Gumgum and the smart Picapp, comes Fotoglif. The Canada base start up offers the same time of service as the two others, while it is not clear how. It is free to register, free to post. Somewhere in the equation, there are ads which are Read More →