Great gallery from this week. Drop by and enjoy if you have timeĀ  : Photos of the week

Time cover

News of the sudden departure of Mary Ann Golan from the position of Director of photography might be link to this cover ? The image comes from a Shutterstock / Istockphoto contributor and was licensed for legendary pennies. Microstock on the cover of Time magazine sure is a milestone. It would be interesting to know Read More →

Lohan by Scott G

Had wanted to write about him for a while . Most people will say, “aaa, this is not real photography because it deals with celebrity” and most people will be wrong. Photography and celebrity have a very special relationship. There would not be any celebrities without photography and photography would be quite lonely without celebrities. Read More →

A while back, I had written about photosynth, when it just came out. Created by Microsoft, the idea is to stitch together multiple images taken by complete strangers to create a panoramic view taken from multiple vantage point. Well, Google just issued their version thought the Spanish company Panoramio. Panoramio is the company that allows Read More →

the photo copter

This is cool. really. Although it uses an example for paparazzi, it could be used for news, sports and even commercial stock. It will probably become the new “have you got it?” gadget of the photo industry. Here is how it works. Mounted on a quad copter, a remote-controlled helicopter with 4 blades for stability, Read More →