a car under the frozen rain

As much as I could understand the music industry for trying to stop the free for all downloads initiated by the old Napster , as much as I can’t agree with the Recording Industry Association of America latest move: According to the Washington Post of December 30, 2007 : ‘In legal documents in its federal Read More →

Bhutto ass by John Moore

There are many ways to kill. Many different ways that we manage to find somewhere in ourselves to destroy the things we love the most. The violent murder of Benazir Bhutto earlier this week is a prime example. During a period during when most of us enjoy the comfort of our simple lives, the world Read More →

and so it seems that Getty Images has launched its consumer site. No press release, no party, no singing. just a plain site. You can see it here. then go back to what you were doing . Happy Holidays!

by Paul Melcher ImageSource, the number 1 independent royalty free company who bravely resisted the Getty web ready price cut to $49 is going midstock with Fotolia. A few days ago, French microstock company Fotolia announce the creation of a premium value collection called “Infinite” that would be priced around $20. The announcement came, surprisingly, Read More →

This is a good week for the “no sense” entry. Seems that the approaching holidays are making some of us loose a little bit of our sanity. First, there is this basement-made German photo industry news blog that post a happy go jolly satire video about the web 2.0 bubble. It just so happens that Read More →

It has been a rather busy year in the photography business world but let’s not forget photography itself. For all those naysayer claiming that photojournalism is dead, that photography will soon be replaced by video, and for all the others that enjoy great photography, here is the msnbc.com year in review slideshow: As usual, very Read More →

From Canada, again. Seems like every thing good or innovative in photography these days is coming from Canada (istockphoto, Veer, Idee, Zymmetrical, ….) . The TV channel and website CBC ( Canadian Broadcasting Corporation ) has posted an interview of uber-humanitarian and extremely talented photographer Marcus Bleadsale. You can, and you should ( it’s an Read More →

Waiting for the train

A rather big parallel universe to the photo industry is the copyright industry. According to the Copyright Alliance, “The U.S. core copyright industries accounted for an estimated $819.06 billion or 6.56% of the U.S. gross domestic product (GDP) in 2005.” That, of course, includes music, graphic, video on top of photography. One has to assume Read More →

Funny thing about newspapers and magazines these days. They have a hard time jumping over the fence and taking full control of their future. It is obvious that dailies and weeklies, in their current format, have no chance of surviving against the web. But they all think of their web presence as a supplement to Read More →

Do no evil, they said. Google is one of the worst tool for photography ever to appear on the internet. Think about it. It makes a mockery of IPTC standards by completely ignoring it . Instead of searching within the carefully inputed metatags of images, Google images only displays image results based on the text Read More →