NowPublic, a Community driven web 2.0 Canadian website has scored $10.6 million in funding in the hope of becoming successful. If a traditional photo agency, with an existing and proven business model, with photographers under contract would try to get such funding, they would be escorted out the door while hearing laugher in the background. Read More →

As I was writing my post about the exploitation of the masses by a few, I realized I was missing one very important point regarding microstock: it is a pass time of rich people. For one, you need reasonably good quality camera equipment that still runs in the thousand of dollars. A lot seem to Read More →


Mark Kuschner, Getty’s global VP of entertainment. “We’re never going to get into the business of the long lens, hiding in the bushes, hunting people down.” -Variety Magazine-July 6, 2007 Getty Images website. July 28, 2007.

While Johnathan klein, CEO of Getty is running to New York, leaving wife and children behind in rainy Seattle, to cheer up the investment community in a desperate effort to convince them that their stock is attractive, it seems that some sort of messy chaos is going on. First, they bundled their footage in their Read More →

“community driven” is another word for free labor. What was once a nice idea for online collaboration between designers, post and use images from each other, has become, thanks to the whole Web 2.0 false aura of mutual benefaction, a form of workers abuse. While the business world is trying hard to find ways for Read More →

Over and over one can read, or hear, that photojournalism is dead, or dying. And it is, but not for the reason that one might think. What is really dying is the journalism in photojournalism . A while back photographers were great investigators, reporters, that would uncover a story and bring it to the world’s Read More →

There is a computer term to describe the management of lists. It is called LIFO, for Last In First Out. It should be a photo agency term too. What used to be the field of editorial photography is now becoming a standard in all websites, be it commercial stock to royalty free. The idea is Read More →

No agency is an island. What we see more and more, as the market is evolving towards bipolar extremes, is small and little agencies not only shrinking in its offerings and niching, but also diminishing their client base. There are two poles of attractions these days for image buyers, the mega libraries, offering everything under Read More →

Computer assisted cheating: A very interesting entry on Cnet today about a new software that lets you find the appropriate fill in images that can fit into an original image. Beyond the obvious usage for frustrated news photographers who think there is not enough smoke or explosions, it has a great potential for creative. One Read More →

While other website owners seem to spend their days looking at how many images Fotolia has or has not uploaded (who cares ?), and others become experts at playing the stock market, Brian Storm and his team have again come out with a magnificent multimedia. If you have 10 minutes to spare in your day, Read More →