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it’s a master/slave relationship, isn’t it ? Wire photographers only get published because their masters have clients. And wires, although they would never admit it, have clients because of the photographers/slaves. One would be nothing with the other . Take a wire service photography left in the wild and he could never find a client, as he is incapable of supplying any client with the breath of scope that a wire agency can. Thus, a bit a la Henry Ford  division of labor, a wire photographer is only a small part of the fabrication process. And like Henry Ford’s worker, none can afford the finished product, can they?
However, a wire service could never have the clients they have without the photographers they employ.  Thus, although the Master in this relationship, wire services are also completely dependent of their ?slaves?.

– As we are talking wire service, I would find it incredible if not all the news/events photographers not carry the new Sony camera as a second or third camera Its 10 Megapixel and always connected. Its like having a high quality cell phone. Imagine shooting and thanks to the Complementary ATT 3G connection, uploading to your picture desk in seconds. How cool is that ? I want one:
click below:

Finally, wouldn’t it  be great if we could create an equivalent project for photography:

Thanks Mom !!
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