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VAIsual And Smarterpix Sign world first Synthetic Media Distribution Agreement 

As of today, everyone can download and use true to life 100% AI-generated images.

Washington DC, USA. January 5, 2022. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE.

Synthetic content pioneer VAIsual and PantherMedia, Germany’s leading stock photo agency, are proud to announce an industry milestone: For the first time ever, 100% synthetically generated stock images are now available for legal licensing.

It is estimated that within the next 5 to 10 years, 95% of all images we see will be AI-generated media,” said VAIsual founder and CEO Michael Osterrieder. “Synthetic content, photography generated by algorithms, is the future of our industry.” 

Phase one of the agreement will see VAIsual’s library of synthetic human portraits available for download on Since each picture is generated with a green screen, users can easily merge these synthetic elements with real-life photography backgrounds to create truly unique content.

Panther Media CEO Robert Walters added: “The time has come to move into new territory in the stock photo business for us, and AI-generated images will rapidly become a new standard element in the industry.”

VAIsual AI-generated portraits now available on Smarterpix represent the next generation of frictionless content. They require no model release and can be used in any context. Users no longer need to double-check the terms of usage or fear expensive litigation.

Example of synthetic media generated by Vaisual

“Our portrait library contains an ever-growing volume of diverse faces, ages, ethnicities, and genders,” Osterrieder said. “We are aggressively working on our next phase of development and will shortly begin generating full-body images of humans.”

“Content generated by algorithm represents a paradigm shift in the history of visual media as a whole, from a static one to a future which will be both synthetic and dynamic,” added Mark Milstein, co-founder, and COO of VAIsual. “Panther Media is on the leading edge of this shift in terms of content licensing, and we are proud to partner with them.”

“We are the clean data guys, said vAIsual’s Osterrieder. “We produce all of our datasets in-house and own the copyright to all our synthetic creation. The real-life models used to create the datasets signed biometric release forms. The result is legally clean datasets, also available for licensing, and cost-efficient, litigation-free synthetic content.”

With over 4 Billion dollars in revenue projected by 2023 and an annual growth rate of 5%, the stock photo market is fast becoming a foremost player in the exploding creator economy. With its synthetic offering, delivering high value, frictionless, scalable, cost-effective content, VAIsual is exceptionally well-positioned to take a commanding position in visual content media creation.

About vAIsual /

VAIsual is an award-winning technology company pioneering algorithms and solutions to generate high-quality synthetic media. Founded by stock media legends Michael Osterrieder and Nico Menijes and business industry veterans Istvan Novak and Mark Milstein, vAIsual offers realistic visual content leveraging advanced visual AI technologies.

About Panther Media GmbH /

Panther Media GmbH, founded in 2004 in Munich, is Germany’s leading microstock photo agency. Representing more than 50,000 photographers and partners, it supplies over 200 million royalty-free images, including 50 million vector files, 10 million videos, and hundreds of thousands of 360° photos.


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