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Tears of a new born

There is no imagination left in the professionnal fields of stock RM and RF photographer. Nothing. zip. Zilch.Nada. Has to be, because when you look at the images being offered by most stock agencies, they all look the same. Especially those taken with a piece of plastic added to their lenses.

Stop it. Please. whoever is responsible . I do not know if it is the photographers or the editors, but if I see one more image taken with that Lensbabies extension, I will start to cry too, like a baby. It is like those filters used in the late 70’s early 80″s that changed light into multicolor 4 tip stars. It was used so much, by photographers, movie directors, TV shows, that it is rare to see any images from that period without them. Those filters were stuck to photographers lenses, like Lensbabies these days.

I even see news editorial photographer using it. Aaaargh !! I guess reality has become such a bore that we need to distort it. Find another trick, quick !! and stop copying each other. I do not know if those bean counters with a humongous corporate background and a degree in Historical redundancy are telling you that “the numbers indicate that picture taken with lensbabies sell 80 % better than does without”.Of course they do, Image Buyers cannot find anything else.

One cannot find a food picture taken without it anymore. It was interesting at first but now it is becoming repulsive. I will call my congressman if necessary, pass a bill that bans the use of those things. Be creative, someone, quick. and throw these plastic things out or give it to someone you hate.

Trends in photography are like rulers of countries, they are made to be replaced. If one stays too long, the system gets corrupted.

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