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Let the games begin

So it’s start…Interview magazine, created by Andy Warhol, is currently showcasing what their magazine will look on the iPad. It is mostly a scan version of the magazine with a few added artifacts ( video, share, etc). Use of photogrpahy is still very flat, yet certainly more interactive than a print edition.

 Does it make want to by an IPad? no. Does it make me want to get Interview for the Ipad ? no. But it is certainly a plus. This type of exercise is exactly what  what the publishing, and the photo industry needs. It will make Art directors, as well as photographers, rethink what can be done with the still image, as well as video, sound and imaginative layouts. It will also probably break forever the frequency of publishing, currently segmented in daily, weekly, monthly etc, forcing publishers to adopt a more casual approach.

Hopefully this will trigger a  healthy competition in the publishing world with the result of more and more inventive usage.

Now that the tools are present and becoming affordable, it is time for to the creative communauty to start doing what it does best : Be creative. The foot is on the pedal, let’s accelerate.

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