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Lohan by Scott G

Had wanted to write about him for a while . Most people will say, “aaa, this is not real photography because it deals with celebrity” and most people will be wrong. Photography and celebrity have a very special relationship. There would not be any celebrities without photography and photography would be quite lonely without celebrities.

Cartier Bresson or Capa shot celebrities with the same passion as  they shot unknown passer by, and for a long time a news photographer was asked to be as good shooting movie stars as he was comfortable shooting conflict. There was none of this current dismissal of celebrity photography as a sub  art . If paparazzi’s would focus their lenses on political figures, they would be heroes reporting real news. Because they capture Paris Hitlon, they are lesser photographers, even lesser human beings. The World Press would never consider a image with a celebrity  for its top award. Why is that ?

For having never covered a concert, a red carpet arrival or a movie set, most photographers who despise celebrity photography have no idea what they are talking about.

Let me introduce Scott Gries. I have been very fortunate to work with him a while back and he is an amazing photographer.  Editing his work is the hardest job one could have as you feel like keeping every image. Scott doesn’t shoot at rapid fire in the hope of getting the right image.  He waits for the shot. Like a hunter. There is no image before and after. He gets the image and moves on to the next one. Everything falls into perfection when he pushes the button.

        If you have ever shot a concert, you must know how difficult it is to shoot in poor lighting, no flash, music blaring, in a pit from hell, with forever moving targets on a stage much higher than you are. Scott is at home in this organized chaos. He makes it look simple and easy. But even when asked to shoot on location or in a studio, Scott brings his unchallenged talent for lighting to create unforgettable images. He puts his subject in such confidence that they look at their best.

Scott, unlike many photographers focuses on the lighting. He knows that it is the interaction between the source of light and his subject that his camera will capture, and nothing else.  That is why very often, when you see his photographs in the middle of others, you recognize it immidatly.

You can see more of Scott’s images on his website.

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