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My youngest son, who is nine years old, and so much wiser then I am, saw me writing my blog one day. When I responded to his questions about what I was doing typing on my laptop, (after all, computers are made to play games, aren’t they?), he looked at me puzzled. He said ” are you doing this for free ?”

“yes”, I answered.

There was a short moment of silence. He then continued, after what had seemed a heavy and serious computing session in his brain .” Well, if you are helping people out and they like it, shouldn’t you charge for it?”

It was my turn to compute. “Well”, I answered, “I like helping people and I enjoy writing my blog. Isn’t that enough ?”

“True”, he said. He is a very generous guy. “But you have to pay for the website and electricity, and your time, no ?”

Ya, he’s down to earth too. That’s what a city like New York will do to a kid. “Shouldn’t you get something for it ?”

“mmm”, I said.”let me think about it”.

“sure” he replied, as he jump off the couch, “Can we go out an play now ?”

This conversation happened a bit more than 6 months ago and it has been in my mind ever since. I didn’t want to have a subscription fee or any other barriers. So I looked at was available out there and got this Paypal Donate button. Easy to set up, it allows anyone with a credit card to give something. Anytime they want and for any amount.

So there it is. It’s up to you. You decide if you want to us it or abuse it.

It would make the little guy happy.

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