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Springtime in Italy

I know of flowers that raise below the snow to become the freshest , most beautiful of the upcoming spring. I know of others that couldn’t care less about the quality of the soil they grow from, as long as they have sunshine water.

In photography,  they are equivalents. LUZ photo agency, created from the rumbles of the defunct Grazia Neri, is a great example. If you live, work, or just pass through Italy, you are very lucky, as you will certainly will see some of the incredible images they have to offer.

“This is Madness !!”, you might say. In a middle of a recession, where pricing has never been so close to the ground and magazines so recessive,  to offer high quality reportage photography . It’s like jumping off the roof of a skyscraper. Sure. But that is the thinking of the corpocrates and other “9-to-5” ‘ers that have polluted our landscape with their excel mindset. Luz ( Spanish for “light”) is what Grazia Neri used to be, an act of love. A company created with passion for passion. Like love, it doesn’t make any sense, it’s highly emotional and has a craving for more.

With such representation as Noor, Ed Kashi, or Jim West among many others, it has the firepower to hit right through the walls of convention and blast open many multi page spreads for the pure benefit of amazed readers. It will also certainly amaze us with its technological advance in a short while, as it is staffed with some of the best, and most intelligent minds in our industry.

L’Chaim Luz !! To Life !!

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