This quick edit of images from Syria below was done in a few minutes using a free web app called Storify. All I had to do was type in keywords into a search that covers Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Flickr, G+ and many more, select the images I liked and publish it on my blog. Done. Read More →

There is a battle brewing in courts that everyone in the photo industry should pay very close attention to. A company called ReDigi ( is in the business of allowing anyone to resale “used” digital files. In other words, allowing anyone to sell, for example, an MP3 file they legally purchased. They claim rightful Read More →


Stock photography analysts, commercial stock portfolio reviewers, photo biz coaches, bean counters have it all wrong. It is not because a photo sells that it is a good photo. In fact it could be the opposite. Up to now, the commercial stock photo industry has been relying on only one piece of information to produce Read More →

In an interview given to the french blog A l’Oeil, the court appointed administrator of the defunct Corbis Sygma , the french company set up by Corbis after its acquisition of Sygma, declared that he is about to destroy millions of Sygma’s photographs. You might remember that Corbis, during its heavy acquisition years, purchased the Read More →

You gotta to work with facts. Opinions are good for cocktail parties and useless , endless conversation; facts are good for business. In the last year or so there has been an emergence of Social Media “specialist” popping up here and there arguing breathlessly on the magic wonders of using social media to make your Read More →

According to an article in the French press, the subsidiary of Corbis, Sygma, has just filed for bankrupcy protection. “I am unable to pay my creditors,” said Stefan Biberfeld, director of Sygma, which was founded in 1973 and was purchased in 1999 by the American company Corbis, owned by Bill Gates personally. The reason  (something Read More →

American Society of Media Photographers, the Graphic Artists Guild, the Picture Archive Council of America, the North American Nature Photography Association, Professional Photographers of America, photographers Leif Skoogfors, Al Satterwhite, Morton Beebe, Ed Kashi and illustrators John Schmelzer and Simms Taback  have filed a class action suite against Google, not only for their rights Grabbing Read More →

The surf wizard. the Photo bot. Give a keyword to a bot, it comes back with the image. Better, enter a concept, or a description. it will then surf the whole wide web and return with an image. Whether from an amateur or pro, it won’t matter. Because the image matters. Like information, the image Read More →

Dear Copyright Advocates, The Obama Administration is asking to hear from YOU, the creative backbone of our country, about how intellectual property infringement affects YOUR livelihood. The Administration is also seeking advice on what the government could be doing to better protect the rights of artists and creators in our country.   HERE’S A CHANCE Read More →

Watch it full screen. very cool :Metal Heart from Keith Loutit on Vimeo.Also, this one, from Israeli photographer Eyal Landesman.