With more than 10 % of every internet visit going to Facebook and 25 % of pageviews in the USA, Facebook has, in 2010, shown to be a more powerful player than Google. Sure, you can spend your days optimizing your website for Google search results until you are blue in the face, or until Read More →

Commercial stock photography is all about problem solving. The first is how to make a living shooting commercial stock. One way to do it, is to solve other people’s problems. When image buyers go to a Web site, it is because they have been asked to provide a solution to a very specific problem: They Read More →

A favorite topic of mine this one is and a major aspect of what we do here at Melchersytem. Born from a multi national background and having traveled a lot through my (short) life, I am extremely sensitive to local cultures. What I see in the photo industry is quite disturbing. I am assuming it Read More →